Sport is a mix of emotions, values and action.
As a sport photographer, I have the possibility to capture all the emotions, moments and the best athletic gesture, witnessing the action from a closer perspective.


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Sport  photography

Close-up portraits, entire figure portraits, duels, contrast, celebration and delusion, fans, details are some of the kind of image I produce while covering a sport event.

My purpose is to tell the story of the event showing the main protagonist, their action, the crucial moments, and their emotions producing photos with a reportage/documentary style useful for communication (website, social media, press release), editorial content, and archive.

To be a good sport photographer you have to be passionate about sport. Knowing the rules and tactics of a sport, the athletes, their skills, and their characteristics are all elements that help understand how to shoot beautiful photos.  As a photographer, I had experience taking photos of various sports at different levels of competition, from regional games to world championships.



I started taking photos at football games following the third italian league for the photo agency Lapresse, actually I cover mainly the Belgian first League as freelance. I had an experience as official photographer for the team Milano City FC. In the last few years I collected various pubblications on magazines and newspapers all over europe.

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​I was born in Cantù, the team of this small town represents one of the most successful teams in Europe. They are the so called 'Queen of Europe' being the second most successful team in European basketball competitions. That's why basketball is my favourite sport and I love take photos of it.

I covered various games of the first Italian League, the main european competion (Euroleague, Eurocup and Europe Cup) and the FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament in Turin in 2016.

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I took photos at various games of the Swiss (NLA), German (DEL), Italian (IHL) National League and Champions Hockey League but the most exciting experiences were in 2017 and 2019 when I covered the final phase of the IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship in Koln and Bratislava. 

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I always try to experience and take photos of different sports, all gives many different possibility to take stunning images. Waterpolo, Volleyball, Boxe, MMA, Cycling and Crossrace are some of those.

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Work experience

In the September of 2016 I started working as a freelance sport contributor photographer for the Italian photo agency LaPresse, along with it I started various collaborations as a contributor with other national and international photo agencies and newspapers. In 2018 I had a temporary experience as official photographer for the football team Milano City FC.

Since September 2019 I am a member of the Italian national press association (Ordine dei Giornalisti, card n° 173480) and from December 2019 of AIPS (International Sports Press Association card n° ITA09498). 

From March 2020 I am a member of the French photo agency and production studio Hans Lucas.






LaPresse S.p.a

Pacific Press Agency

Ti-Press SA

Soccrates images

Hans Lucas studio



I collected hundreds of pubblications on newspapers, magazine and website all over the world including prestigious ones like La Gazzetta dello Sport, Sportfoot Magazine, L'Equipe, Marca, The New York Times, The Hockey News, RSI sport and most of the main Belgian and Italian newspapers. Here some example.




Images that tells the story of the event under all its aspects. 


I select all the best photos, edit and post produce them to give the best quality, also graphics content are possible


During the event I can upload images to share the photos as soon as possible


Images can be edit and export with specific format or resolution that suits best the final destination of the image.


Captions and tags will be applied through IPTC to manage better the image into an archive